Zepp Tennis Sensor

Zepp Tennis Sensor

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The latest update now has exclusive training content from ATP superstar MILOS RAONIC and other top level instructors. Other new features include instant feedback on your rate of improvement, intensity score, serve timing and more! Get ready to analyze your tennis game like never before! Slip the Zepp Sensor and Racquet Mount onto the grip of your racket and watch it capture, measure and analyze every swing you take. The included Pro Mount sticks to your racquet's butt cap, while the Flex Mount allows you to quickly and easily attach the Zepp Sensor to any racquet..

While you play, the Zepp sensor tracks the shot type, power, sweet spot, spin and time spent on court. It connects wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection and instantly sends data to your mobile device, providing real time analysis of your game. You'll barely know it's on your racket too as it weighs 0.43 ounces (Pro Mount) and 0.6 ounces (Flex Mount). We recommend wrapping an overgrip over the Flex Mount for better grip and comfort during play. The mobile app also tracks every training session or match in a list or convenient calendar format.
What's in the box:
1)multi-sport sensor 
2)flex mount
3)pro mount

For more informations: http://www.zepp.com/tennis/stroke-metrics/


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