Tecnifibre T-Flash 285 Dynacore Racket

Κωδικός: 14FL28566

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* Υποχρεωτικά Πεδία

Strong feeling of power and stability with extra comfort. For players who want to maximize power, comfort and maneuverability.

Softer feel for muscle integrity and less fatigue.
Better and quicker communication to your hand.
Solid construction for long lasting performances.
Minimal obstruction for improved velocity.
More spin with unparalleled feeling of stability.
PU grommet construction that provides up to 18% more dampening.

Εμβαδόν κεφαλής (sq.in) 100sq.in.
Τύπος πλέξης 16x19
Βάρος (gr) 285gr
Πλάτος 23-25mm
Σκληρότητα σκελετού 69
Μήκος 27in
Ισορροπία 325mm
Υλικό κατασκευής Graphite - Dynacore
Κάλυμμα Δεν περιλαμβάνεται
Πλέξιμο Tecnifibre XR1 1.30mm


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