Tecnifibre Razor Code String - 12m

Κωδικός: 04GRAZ

Κανονική Τιμή: 17,00 €

Special Price 14,90 €

* Υποχρεωτικά Πεδία

The string of the ATP World Tour Players, ideal for spin and durability. Absorption of chocs and reduction of vibrations.
Exclusive formula which allows to associate polyurethane with polyester multifilament in order to generate a solid touch, a good longevity, an optimized spin and an absorption of chocs. Exclusive formula of polyurethane which offers 400% of elasticity for an optimized power and a stronger dissipation of vibrations for more comfort. Process of production which varies temperature by stages, allowing a softening of the matrix structure.

Τύπος χορδής Μονόκλωνο
Υφή πλέγματος Στρογγυλό
Μήκος 12m
Συσκευασία Σετ (12μ)
Χρώμα 2 Γκρί


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