Qlipp Tennis Sensor

Κωδικός: QLIPP

Κανονική Τιμή: 160,00 €

Special Price 129,90 €

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With our registered twist and lock design, QLIPP attaches directly to the string of any tennis racquet, providing more accurate stroke analysis.

Analyze every single stroke
Push past your limits and create new personal records. Record and evaluate all your strokes based on stamina, consistency, heaviness and more. Providing you with stroke by stroke analysis, unleash your fullest potential by refining your techniques, harnessing greater power and hitting more sweet spots than ever before.
Hit that sweetspot
With our sweet spot heat map, keep track of how close you are to hitting that perfect spot. Improve the accuracy of your strokes by knowing exactly the point of contact of the ball with your racquet. The detailed analysis that accompanies each stroke ensures that you are never too far away from reaching your goals.
Video Mode
Become a better player by knowing yourself better. See yourself from a new perspective through our video playback so that you will always be better than before. With slow-motion playback, you are now able to correct your posture to create that perfect stroke. You can now even easily share your videos along with all its data anywhere you want, anytime.
Serve Mode
Analyze every aspect of your serve in detail. Scrutinize your serve by breaking down the time duration of your racquet preparation, racquet acceleration and corresponding follow through. Then compare your stats against QLIPPTM recommended timings to see how your serve, serves up to professionals players. *Available on Android & iOS. Technical Specs
The QLIPP sensor is only 29.55mm in length and 25.66mm in width. It has a battery life of up to 6 hours.
Effortless Connection
It is easy to connect QLIPPTM to your device. Simply turn on the bluetooth on your device, launch the App and turn on the sensor. The sensor will automatically search and connect to your device (QLIPPTM uses the latest version of Bluetooth and requires no pairing). You are now ready to start your first session with QLIPP


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